Stormy's Food Truck

Serving up plant-based smoothies, smoothie bowls and snacks in Chilliwack, BC!

just a few of our bowls

find us at 

Vedder Park– 45450 Petawawa Rd, Chilliwack, BC


We’re in the lower lot, right beside the kids park. We’re there most days unless we’re closed or at an event.

Follow our instagram @stormysfoodtruck for up-to-date hours and locations!


we love plants

At Stormy’s we believe that plant-based food can be fun, delicious and most importantly life-changing! Plant-based foods are good not only for our health, but also the animals and our planet! What could be better? Each bowl, snack, and smoothie is made with just plants! No fillers, juice, additives or ice. Plant-based whole foods are our jam, and we hope they become yours too!  

….and did we mention, everything is gluten-free and nut-free too!


Stormy's Menu
Stormy's Menu

have you tried our rawnola yet?

stormy's rawnola original
stormy's rawnola chocolatey
stormy's rawnola lime

meet the team

Smoothies in Chilliwack



Stormy discovered a plant-based diet six years ago in a last ditch attempt to fix her health. It literally ended up changing her life, and she became obsessed with sharing her love for a plant-based diet with anyone who would listen! In 2021 she started Stormy’s with the goal of sharing the most fun plant-based meal of all, smoothie bowls! Wanna learn more about going plant-based and her plant journey? Click here! 

This year she will be working behind the scenes as she stays at home to care for her new baby! You’ll be seeing her lots on instagram with her hubby tho!

Smoothies in Chilliwack

assistant manager


Jocelyn has been with our team since we first opened! She’s a smoothie bowl making whizz and super passionate about Stormy’s. You’ll be seeing lots of her smiling face this season! Jocelyn loves horses and spends lots of her free time with her horse Jett. She also is obsessed with drinking Starbucks even though I’m pretty sure she doesn’t actually like coffee that much.  She’s currently studying to become a biologist and hopes to spend her life after Stormy’s helping and researching animals!

smoothies in chilliwack

smoothie bowl expert


Delaney is another plant-based team member of our team! She joined us part-time in the middle of last season. This year she’ll be around the food truck a lot more! One of the happiest and most patient people we know, Delaney is always ready to make you tasty snacks and have good chats! Delaney loves the outdoors, hanging with her pets and plants! She’s also studying at UFV!

Smoothies in Chilliwack

#1 supporter


Alex is Stormy’s hubby and #1 supporter of Stormy’s. He’s been vegan for over ten years. So if you have any questions about going vegan – you know where to go!

Alex is mostly part of Stormy’s for moral support, as his career is in education, but you’ll occasionally see him covering shifts, working behind taking over our instagram page or just coming by to say hello.

He’s basically free entertainment for all of us at Stormy’s.


everything in our facility is plant-based/vegan, that means no dairy, no animal products, just delicious good-for-you ingredients


our truck is a gluten-free facility and we make everything without gluten! our oats are ‘certified gluten-free’ however not all ingredients are ‘certified gluten-free’  


refined-sugar free

almost everything made in-house except for our chocolate chips are refined-sugar free. that means no juices or sweeteners, because fruit is already so sweet and delicious!



all of your menu items come in compostable containers! they look like plastic but bring them home and run them under hot water and you’ll see them start to decompose!

Smoothies in Chilliwack

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phone: 604-997-7167

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We are located at Vedder Park (45450 Petawawa Rd, Chilliwack, BC) most days unless we are closed or at an event. Check our insta for up-to-date hours and location.